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Hikoneb 908 DC Hikoneb 908 DC
The reliable Hikoneb 908 DC is a high performance, large volume ultrasonic nebuliser suitable for room humidification, sputum induction and highly effective aerosol therapy. Air flow output and nebulization rates have four adjustable...
VacuAide 7325 VacuAide 7325
The VacuAide 7325 secretion suction pump is economical, maintenance free and powerful at the same time. It is ideally suited for the most common suction therapy in the home, in nursing homes as well as special clinical applications. The...
Firesafe™ MKII Cannula Valve Firesafe™ MKII Cannula Valve
The Firesafe™ MKII Cannula Valve acts like a thermal fuse protecting both patient and oxygen source from propagating fire. To prevent incorrect installation, the valve is bi-directional, allowing it to be fitted in either direction. It...
Oxymizer Oxymizer
The Oxymizer® pendant cannula is an original design, disposable oxygen conserving device used in the routine nasal administration of supplemental oxygen. The Oxymizer® facilitates the delivery of continuous high-flow oxygen using a...
UltraMax O2 UltraMax O2
The UltraMax O 2 oxygen analyzer is designed to measure oxygen concentration, flow and pressure using ultrasound technology that uses a piezoresistive silicon pressure sensor. All relevant measurement data is displayed on the unit’s LCD...
PulmoAide Compact PulmoAide Compact
The PulmoAide Compact Compressor is a small footprint unit which is portable, lightweight and robust design. Reliable pressure and flow Metal mechanical parts High aerosol output to reduce treatment time Spill proof design
Aisle Master Aisle Master
Recently redesigned, the 8000/8010 now boasts weight capacity up to 400 lbs. With an innovative, compact, mid-wheel turning design, “deadman” brake, and lifting handles, the 8000/8010 combines ease of use with safety and functionality....
The Kanga 2G The Kanga 2G
For children and young adults in need of minimal to moderate support, The Growable Kanga 2G wheelchair offers tilt-in-space adjustability to maintain a proper sitting posture. The Kanga 2G Pediatric wheelchair grows from 10” to 14” width...
Backrest Backrest
Elevating Leg Rests Elevating Leg Rests
Optional Elevating Leg rests
ISIS Overbed Table ISIS Overbed Table
Bed Gradle Bed Gradle
IV Pole IV Pole
Patient pole with triangle Patient pole with triangle
Offers additional positioning for lying or sitting in bed Can be ftted to the left or right side of all Casa Med profling beds Adjustable height strap Moulded plastic handgrip
Wooden Cane Classic Wooden Cane Classic
The processed wood gives a pleasant feeling while gripping High quality materials and best workmanship The walking stick made of wood is stable and comfortable
Abduction Abduction
Winged Headrest Winged Headrest
Anti Tip Anti Tip
Trunk Support Trunk Support
Universal Therapy Table Universal Therapy Table
Transparent Easy to clean Easy to assemble
Therapy Table / Tray Therapy Table / Tray
Brake Lever Extension Brake Lever Extension
Additional extension of the parking brake by 2.5 cm
Single Drive Single Drive
Retrofit kit for one-hand operation Useable on both sides Not in conjunction with drum brake
Anti Tip Anti Tip
Prevents tilting of the wheelchair Helps to cross obstacles Height adjustable
Elevating Legrest Elevating Legrest
Infinetely adjustable
Hip Belt Hip Belt
Easy to assemble For additional security
Litec 2G Plus Litec 2G Plus
Leg rest adjustable in 6 postions Reinforced aluminum frame for optimal stability Enhanced setting options through adjustable back, variable seat depths and push handle heights Premium equipment: including seat cushion, height- and...
Litec 2G Litec 2G
Very light and agile wheelchair Swing away armrest Padded backrest and seat pad Reinforced aluminum frame for optimal stability Adjusting the seat depth by adjusting the backrest Three-level seat height adjustment possible with optional...
AirForce Mini with nebulizer AirForce Mini
The AirForce Mini is a battery-operated portable inhalation therapy system. Whether in the office, at school or on the road, the AirForce Mini gives the user complete independence. Designed using modern day compressor-technology, the...
iGo2 iGo2
The groundbreaking iGo2 Portable Oxygen Concentrator (POC) has created a new class of product – the auto-adjusting POC. This first-of-its-kind POC uses patented SmartDose Technology. Now you can enjoy life more freely without worrying...
Humidifier Humidifier
User friendly and high humidity performance for maximum comfort during therapy. The integrated humidifer connects underneath the Cube 30 ATV without increasing the foot print of the device and therefore saving valuable space.
Deluxe Hammock Sling Deluxe Hammock Sling
The Deluxe Hammock Sling is a hybrid sling designed to offer the full support of a hammock sling with the function of a universal. It can be applied and removed while seated. The full padded support of the upper thigh gives maximum...
Fast Fit Sling Fast Fit Sling
The Fast Fit Sling in polyester is a universal all purpose sling, fast and easy to apply with full back and leg support. The padded legs are fitted with nylon inserts to stop the legs from bunching. This sling can be fitted to cross the...
Fast Fit Deluxe Sling Fast Fit Deluxe Sling
The Fast Fit Deluxe Sling is designed to give fully body support, offering additional support to sacral and thigh area. It is available in both polyester and net fabric. A modesty strap is fitted to the left hand leg. Secured by loop...
Comfort Sling Comfort Sling
The Comfort Sling in polyester has been designed to give extra support and comfort. It is a general purpose sling with an integral head support. Nylon inserts are fitted to head area for additional support. Secured by loop fastening.
Dress Sling Dress Sling
The Dress Sling in polyester is an easy fit sling, specifcally designed for toileting/ personal hygiene. This sling allows access to adjust clothing and is fitted to head area for additional support.
In Chair Hammock Comfort Sling In Chair Hammock Comfort Sling
The In Chair Hammock Comfort Sling was designed to give a more comfortable transfer for users who experience discomfort when hoisted. A seamless bottom edge reduces pressure caused by taught binding and is complimented with a thinner...
Split Leg In Chair Hammock Sling Split Leg In Chair Hammock Sling
The Split Leg In Chair Hammock Sling comes with hip straps and pockets to tuck lifting straps into and is supplied in black spacer fabric. This sling has a split leg design allowing you to fold away the leg supports preventing build up...
High Back Toilet Sling High Back Toilet Sling
The High Back Toilet Sling in polyester provides additional support, enabling those users who can support themselves sufficiently enough to resist the gravitational effect of a large aperture, to safely toilet directly from a seated...
Classic Grip Cane Classic Grip Cane
The ergonomically shaped handle is soft and comfortable in the hand Specially shaped handle for right and left-handers The height is adjustable to the user Non-slip rubber foot
Rotating Suction-Cup Grab Bar Rotating Suction-Cup Grab Bar
Equipped with a color indicator that shows when there is a safe suction and when the suction needs to be readjusted, the 12" grab bar is ideal for bath safety. The release levers make installation and removal quick and easy. Installs and...
IV Pole IV Pole
The removable transfusion poles, designed to complement the Innov8 bed range, are adjustable in height and have two IV drip-bag attachments. Suitable for use on the Innov8 range of beds Four IV drip-bag attachments The drip pole has been...
Lifting Pole Lifting Pole
Lifting pole fits neatly and securly into head end sockets on the Innov8 range of beds. Shaped pole with nylon strap and ergonomically designed moulded plastic handle Fits the Innov8 range of beds
Nurses Handset Holder Nurses Handset Holder
The Innov8 range - Nurses Handset Holder fits securely to the end of the Innov8 Low and iQ beds. Holder fits securely into the foot end sockets on both Innov8 iQ and Innov8 Low beds Fits the Nurses Handset / Control Panel securely,...
Oxygen Cylinder Carrier Oxygen Cylinder Carrier
Oxygen cylinder carrier designed for use with the Innov8 range, allowing easy, discreet and secure addition of oxygen cylinders. Discreet option designed specifically for use with the Inspiration range Easy to use and access
Seat Harness Seat Harness
Properly positions pelvis and moves with the natural gait pattern of the user. Harness is adjustable.
Moxie Guide Bar Moxie Guide Bar
Allows caregiver or therapist to assist in gait training, rotates 180°.
Cosby Cosby
The free-standing, adjustable Cosby Toilet Frame surrounds the toilet and provides support when getting on and off toilet. Available with molded plastic armrests or padded polyurethane armrests for a soft, comfortable grip Sturdy steel...
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