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Home Oxygen Filling Station

This easy-to-use oxygen filling station extracts and pressurizes room air for quick and convenient cylinder filling. The unlimited, refillable supply of oxygen allows patients to continue filling cylinders as often as required without putting their oxygen therapy on hold.

  • Accomodates a range of cylinder sizes for different uses
  • Filling station can be placed anywhere in the home
  • Comes with unit, mains lead, two cylinders (depending on package ordered) and a cylinder bag
535I iFill (Device only)
535I-PD-KIT iFill with 2x PulseDose Cylinders
535I-CF-KIT iFill with 2x Continuous Flow Cylinders
535I-ML6-CF Continuous Flow Cylinders-ML6
535I-C-CF Continuous Flow Cylinders-C
535I-D-CF Continuous Flow Cylinders-D
PD1000A-I-ML6 PulseDose Cylinders-ML6
PD1000A-I-D PulseDose Cylinders-D
Dimensions (L x W x H) 31 cm (12") x 57 cm (22") x 72.5 cm (28")
Oxygen Concentration 93% ± 3%
Power Supply 187-254V, 50/60 Hz
Average Filling Pressure 138+/- 13.8 bar (2000 +/- 200 psig)
Total Weight 30.0 kg (66.1 lb)
Hilfsmittelnummer für 535I-PD-KIT iFill mit zwei PD Flaschen und Tragetasche
Hilfsmittelnummer für 535I-CF-KIT iFill mit zwei CF Flaschen und Tragetasche
iFill User Manual
iFill Cylinders User Manual