Riser Recliner

The Nevada Riser Recliner features two discreet motors that enable the legrest to be elevated and lowered as well as the backrest to be reclined independently to provide more flexible support options. Ideal for indivi- duals who have difficulty standing up and sitting down due to restricted mobility, this riser recliner is also available in petite size for individuals 1.7m (5'6") tall or less.

  • Includes simple-to-operate, four-button handset
  • Available in luxurious Rembrandt fabric with two color options

   Packing Details:

8718CI-0201-EU Beige EU Plug
8718CI-0201-UK Beige UK Plug
8718CI-0252-EU Terracotta EU Plug
8718CI-0252-UK Terracotta UK Plug
Width 86 cm (34")
Depth 94 cm (37")
Height 110 cm (44")
Seat Height 48 cm (19")
Seat Width 51 cm (20")
Seat Depth 54 cm (21")
Product Weight 59 kg (130 lb)
Weight Capacity 150 kg (331 lb)