Samsoft 175 V2

Samsoft 175 V2


The electrically operated Samsoft 175 Lifter has manual pedals, enabling the chassis legs to be opened with ease and wheeled around a chair. The lightweight frame is easy to move into position, allowing the user to achieve a lower lifting position from the floor when transferring patients.

  • Stored vertically
  • No disassembly necessary for transport
  • Low clearance for easy access underneath beds
  • 175 kg (386 lb) weight capacity

   Packing Details:

SR2810100EU EU plug
SR2810100UK UK plug
Width Open 134 cm (52.7")
Width Closed 63 cm (24.8")
Length 115 cm (45")
Height 173 cm (68")
Product Weight 38.4 kg (84.6 lb)
Weight Capacity 175 kg (386 lb)
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