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IV Pole IV Pole
The removable transfusion poles, designed to complement the Innov8 bed range, are adjustable in height and have two IV drip-bag attachments. Suitable for use on the Innov8 range of beds Four IV drip-bag attachments The drip pole has been...
Lifting Pole Lifting Pole
Lifting pole fits neatly and securly into head end sockets on the Innov8 range of beds. Shaped pole with nylon strap and ergonomically designed moulded plastic handle Fits the Innov8 range of beds
Nurses Handset Holder Nurses Handset Holder
The Innov8 range - Nurses Handset Holder fits securely to the end of the Innov8 Low and iQ beds. Holder fits securely into the foot end sockets on both Innov8 iQ and Innov8 Low beds Fits the Nurses Handset / Control Panel securely,...
Oxygen Cylinder Carrier Oxygen Cylinder Carrier
Oxygen cylinder carrier designed for use with the Innov8 range, allowing easy, discreet and secure addition of oxygen cylinders. Discreet option designed specifically for use with the Inspiration range Easy to use and access