Shell Chair

Developed as an aid for moving residents around in nursing home environments, the Integra Shell Chair is useful for users who are seated for long periods at a time and at risk of developing pressure ulcers, providing additional support, comfort and positioning assistance.

  • Tilt-in-space chair gas strut operated
  • Easy inclination due to the ergonomically designed push handle with hand lever
  • Angle-adjustable and removable legrest
  • Lap belt for additional safety
  • Convenient storage pocket on the backrest
  • Easy-to-maneuver, high-quality brake wheels (12.5 cm) which integrally rotate 360 degrees
  • Good hoist access for easy moving and handling
  • Type M - Mechanical inclination through locking cylinder

   Packing Details:

INTEGRAM51CBE 51 (20) Chocolate-Beige
Overall width From 68 cm (26,8") to 72 cm (28")
Overall length 78 cm (31")
Overall height From 129 cm (51") to 137 cm (54")
Seat depth From 41- 47 cm
Total weight From 29 kg (64 lb)
Max. load 120 kg (256lb)