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Transport Chair

With a total weight of just 9,3 kg (20.5 lbs.), the lightweight Travelite Transport Chair is the ideal travel companion, whether traveling by car, plane or train. Stable, comfortable and able to fit through any doorway, this transport chair with 20 cm (8") transit wheels is ready to use and ensures maximum mobility

  • Soft seat and backrest provide comfort
  • Convenient roller bag with wheels provides space for personal items
  • Easily folds in just a few steps

   Packing Details:

Overall Width 57 cm (22")
Overall Length 84 cm (33")
Overall Height 95 cm (37")
Seat Width 45 cm (18")
Seat Depth 46 cm (18")
Seat Height 44 cm (17.5")
Product Weight 9 kg (20.5 lb)
Weight Capacity 113.3 kg (250 lb)
User Manual

On the back of her husband’s motorcycle with the wind on her face, the adrenaline pumping through her veins Kelly enjoys every ride with her husband Jeff as he navigates the wide open roads on their supped up touring motorcycle. Never missing a ride with Kelly and Jeff is their travelite transport chair which assists them as they explore the new places, new people and the beautiful landscapes they see across the United States. ... READ MORE