Easily folded Easily folded
Unique push button to adjust handle height Unique push button to adjust handle height
Back support height easily adjustable Back support height easily adjustable
Cane holder Cane holder


Aluminum Rollator

Equipped with encased brake wires and cross bar frames, the Nitro Rollator offers optimal stability and safety. This rollator also features extra large 25 cm (10") casters for ideal steering and maneuverability.

  • A one-hand folding mechanism for easy travel and storage
  • Equipped with cane holder
  • Brake cable inside frame for added safety
  • Handle height easily adjusts with unique push button
  • Back support height easily adjusts with tool-free thumb screw
  • Caster fork design enhances turning radius

   Packing Details:

Overall Width Open 60.5 cm (24 in)
Overall Width Closed 25 cm (10 in)
Overall Length 70.5 cm (28 in)
Overall Height 85 - 98 cm (33.5 - 38.6 in)
Seat Width 44.5 cm (17 in)
Seat Depth 22 cm (9 in)
Seat Height 52 cm (20.5 in)
Product Weight (kg) 7.2 kg (15.9 lb)
Weight Capacity 130 kg (287 lb)
User Manual

Joe, 93 years young, retired 27 years as an accomplished Tool and Die Maker for the aircraft industry, knows a thing or two about good craftsmanship, a solid design, seamless navigation, and of course, excellent quality – those qualities are the exact reasons why Joe absolutely loves his Drive Nitro Rollator. ... READ MORE