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Moxie Hand Loop Moxie Hand Loop
Can be used as a pair or single, provides stability, tool-free mounting
Moxie Guide Bar Moxie Guide Bar
Allows caregiver or therapist to assist in gait training, rotates 180°.
Moxie Forearm Platform Moxie Forearm Platform
Highly adjustable for proper arm support. Height, depth and angle adjustable.
Moxie Handgrips Moxie Handgrips
Height adjustable and can be mounted in a variety of positions.
Moxie Ankle Prompts Moxie Ankle Prompts
Prevents scissoring of legs; Ideal for users with spasticity, poor motor control, ataxia and excessive adduction.
Moxie Hip Positioner Moxie Hip Positioner
Positions hip for proper positioning; straps are adjustable, padded for comfort and removable
Seat Harness Seat Harness
Properly positions pelvis and moves with the natural gait pattern of the user. Harness is adjustable.
Moxie Trunk Support Moxie Trunk Support
Cushioned support to align trunk or pelvis; height, depth and angle adjustable. Opens for easier transfers.
Moxie Thigh Prompt Moxie Thigh Prompt
Limits abduction/adduction; moves with natural gait pattern. Height adjustable.