TS 130
Seat can be foled up Seat can be foled up
Adjustable legs Adjustable legs

TS 130


The comfortable and durable TS 130 Commode features a large, soft seat and backrest to provide added support. The telescopic legs enable seat height adjustment, and the rubber feet keep the commode stable while in use.

  • Seat and cover can be lifted and removed
  • Standard receptacle
  • Easy to clean

   Packing Details:

Width 62 cm (24")
Length 55 cm (22")
Seat Width 43 cm (17")
Seat Depth 44 cm (17")
Seat Height 50 - 64 cm (20 - 25")
Product Weight 8.5 kg (18.7 lb)
Weight Capacity 130 kg (287 lb)
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