German Rehabilitation and Lung Day

Today we would like to draw your attention to the German Rehabilitation Day and the German Lung Day.

Anyone who knows our company history knows that we haven't always had a large, joint product portfolio. Drive DeVilbiss was created in 2015 from two companies with two strong product segments. Drive was known as an established brand in rehabilitation and mobility aids. DeVilbiss Healthcare came from a 130 year old company with expertise in respiratory therapy.

That is why it is particularly important to us to draw attention to these two health days and to promote the importance of the German Rehabilitation Day and the German Lung Day.

The German Rehabilitation Day is organized to show the importance of rehabilitation and to draw attention to the fact that rehabilitation services for people with disabilities or chronic diseases need to be promoted more.

Rehabilitation is the opportunity for those affected to participate in life again and to find their way back to everyday life and work with the help of therapy and aids. This year the motto of the 18th German Rehabilitation Day is: “Rehabilitation in times of pandemic” and is intended to draw attention to the fact that in the current pandemic situation, institutions and facilities are doing everything they can to ensure rehabilitation care. Find more about our rehabilitation products.

The 24th German Lung Day is organized by the Deutsche Atemwegsliga e.V. and this year is themed asthma and allergies. The Robert Koch Institute reports that around 20% of all children and around 30% of all adults will develop an allergic disease in the course of their life. The importance of these diseases would be pushed into the background, especially due to the pandemic, which is why the German Lung Day should draw attention to opportunities and treatments for asthma and allergies. Find out more about asthma and our products for the treatment of asthma.