Drive DeVilbiss announce new oxygen concentrator 1060AW

At Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare, we believe that a resilient healthcare infrastructure must include the availability of oxygen in every health facility. COVID-19 starkly highlighted the gap in access to medical oxygen across all countries, but especially in the Global South. Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare is pleased to launch a new, energy efficient 10 litre oxygen concentrator. For the first time ever, an oxygen device is being designed centering the needs of these unique whilst challenging environments. The oxygen concentrator is best placed to fulfill the need for oxygen therapy at the primary and secondary health levels in rural and semi-urban areas.


UNICEF established a Target Product Profile (TPP) in 2022 detailing what a fit for purpose oxygen concentrator would look like for these settings. Concentrators are most typically used in primary or secondary health facilities in demanding environments with low quality power. UNICEF called for the development of a new device that would be resilient, energy efficient, more user friendly, and long lasting with minimal maintenance.


Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare is answering to the challenge! This new oxygen concentrator, the 1060AW is robust, reliable, and extremely energy efficient. It will be commercially available in 2024. Today, we invite Ministries of Health, Clinicians, and users in countries of interest, to become a part of the process. We thank Sanrai International greatly for their involvement in this project. At Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare we take our responsibility as a leading global manufacturer of oxygen and respiratory equipment very seriously. It is time for a befitting oxygen concentrator to be developed focusing on the unique requirements of oxygen therapy in the Global South. Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare is proud to be a part of strengthening healthcare systems around the world by making oxygen accessible to all.